About Juan Naharro

Juan Naharro earned his BA in Audiovisual Communication at Madrid Complutense
University and finished a Masters course in Photography at IMEFE. He has been a
photographer since 1999.
His work has been featured in museums and galleries within different exhibitions,
such as the Albacete Provincial Museum, “Corazón / Acción” in 2004; Hellín Regional
Museum, with “Pulso Sonoro” in 2006; the Anthropological Museum of Torum in
Poland, within the festival called “Aspects” in 2009; group exhibition “John’s balloon,
Event #2”, Belha-to-Branca, Braga, Portugal, in 2009, and many other Spanish and
European cities.
In 1999, he started working at www.madridiario.es, one of the most important
Internet news sites in the Madrid region. A few years later, Juan was employed by
different photo agencies such as CONTACTO, Magnum photos representative agency
in Spain, Radial Press and Alfaqui.
Inspired by photographer Luis Escobar (1887 – 1963), Juan developed a project on
the Manchuela in 2004, which was supported by the Young Artists’ Fund of the
Castilla La Mancha region.
Success following the exhibition “Corazón / Acción (Heart / Action)” resulted in the
city of Hellín assigning Juan Naharro a feature on the drum performance taking place
in the city. This lead to the release of “Pulso Sonoro” (Sound Pulse). This work was
also a success, therefore part of the exhibition is owned by the Museum of Hellín.
In 2010 Juan was commissioned by the Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to
conduct a photographic archive of the city. This assignment had the purpose of
promoting tourism in the city as well as media communication.
Starting a new stage in his career, Juan goes on to work with photo agency Getty
Images in 2010. He wins the 2011 Nikon Photo Contest accesit.
His work as a photographer focuses on framing elusive moments of balance during
ostensibly chaotic situations. This technique strives to represent realistic
impositions through harmonious lines and portrait juxtapositions. The resulting
images give a glimpse of his ability as a photographer to represent the human
experience through the framework of spatial unity.
Juan accepts orders coming from different national and international clients
anywhere around the world.